Do you teach English?

We are not English teachers. We help legal professionals to polish the English language skills they already have to a high standard that more accurately reflects their legal prowess. Participants come to us with an intermediate to advanced command of English to learn how to deliver clearer, better advice in English, while avoiding mistakes common to non-native speakers.

Who should take these courses?

Our custom courses are designed for groups of non-Anglophone lawyers and legal professionals who need to work regularly in English as a foreign language. Most course participants are lawyers or legal assistants who do at least 25 percent of their work in English.

Our courses are best suited for groups of lawyers working together as a firm, legal department, or practice team.

How long are the courses?

We customize a range of formats to suit clients’ needs and schedules – from one-day workshops to more in-depth seminars divided into several sessions. Our average course consists of four to six modules, taught in blocks of time that minimize disruption to participants’ workflow.

How much do the courses cost?

Because our courses are highly customized, prices vary according to each client’s needs and preferences. Contact us today for a competitively priced proposal.